Design Analysis of An Album Cover

I chose an album cover from my favorite Japanese band Supercar; the CD album is called “B.” My personal preference is the design related to loops, iterations, or other magical mathematical transformations. And this CD cover firstly caught my eyes with its beautiful curved paths.

The original image shows pairs of mirrored hands which are displayed as a curved track.

img_0802Underlying grid:

By applying the rule of thirds, we can notice highlight on one of the hands, which is precisely located at the intersection point of the grid, and thus becomes the visual center of the picture. And the lowest hand (or say the starter one) is placed beside the rightmost vertical trisection line.


It took me some time to figure out the pattern that the curves of hands follow, for now, I think it seems to be the golden spiral. Firstly, I drew the grid according to the Golden Mean principle, then rotate the square with golden spirals to see the positions of the curves. The left picture shows that simulated curves of how the hands follow, and interesting thing about the next picture is that the height of the starter hand fits within the golden spiral.

spiral2      spiral1

Negative space:

The composition of this cover uses the black background as negative space to highlight the looping hands.

Color and typography:

The color palette adopts simple contrast rule, and there’s only black and milk white. The words in the right corner is a mirrored “SUPERCAR,” which is the name of the band, coherent to the theme of mirroring objects. On the left of the “SUPERCAR,” there is a “B,” the name of this album; I guess the reason why it is not flipped or reversed is that this alphabet itself is mirror symmetrical. I flipped the canvas horizontally and the typography turns out to be Minimal.

img_0804 img_0807


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