My first attempt to a fabrication piece did not go to the wooden stuff, and I am focusing on the portable and light-weighted aspect for building a flashlight that is convenient for people to carry.

The materials I choose are foam board, a yellow LED, lithium battery, a pushbutton switch, different wires and gummed paper tapes. Foam board makes it easier to fix the electronic components, and its weight is far lighter than traditional woods. The tools I use are the soldering machine, scissors, and blades.

firstly I used blades to cut a foam board and shaped it to a cuboid, then insert the LED into the board and bent the extra wires to different angles for further connection with other components. Then I used the soldering machine to connect the wires with two ports of the pushbutton switch. By connecting the LED, switch, and the battery in series with wires, the flashlight can work well.








To reduce projections of the wires, I tried to cut some lines following the tracks of the wires and hide them into the sunken. Finally, I wrapped up the foam board with gummed paper tapes to make the appearance tidier.



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