Good & Bad Signage Design

Good Design:

fullsizerender-19 fullsizerender-17

Bad Design:

Store: 8 Ave Nail

8 Ave Nail store: With so many keywords of “nail, hair, spa, facial”, I couldn’t figure out what name of the store is and what its major service. I searched it on Google Map and it shows that its name is actually “8 Ave Nail”.

Road signage
Restaurant: La Parada II


I did not intend to change the color tone of this signage, so I use green as base color while using different colors of the inner rectangle and typography to emphasize the contrast of hierarchy.


8 Ave Nail: Avenir Next Condensed

Hair facial spa:  Avenir Next LT Pro (the center dot uses Noteworthy)

Tel & street No.: Avenir Next LT Pro


I created a logo that composes of 8 petal-like shapes which looks like an “8”, also the color and shape somehow reflects that this is a beauty salon providing nail and hair service.




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