Constructive interlocking wood pieces


OK, this is my first wooden fabrication since last week I only made a silly flashlight on a foam board…The assignment is to make multiple 5 or more objects, so I decided to make a set of wooden pieces that can be combined to each other.

Working process:
1. Find a piece of wood and divide them into squares equally.
2. Combine each three squares as one set, draw 8 lines with the length of 1/4 width of the square. Then cut the lines for two sets.
3. Cut down the wooden strip between each pair of vertical lines using screwdriver and hammer, then rub it with another saw-like tool (can’t remember its name, thanks for the help of shop staff!)

fullsizerender-20 fullsizerender-21

fullsizerender-22 fullsizerender-23

For the third step, I firstly used a hand drill to cut down the connection between vertical lines, and it was really torturing since I couldn’t control the depth of it when drilling. Then I asked a shop staff, he is so smart and introduced me to use a screwdriver and a hammer, really fast and easy!


Final work is here! You can construct these pieces freely! I also use to make a switch for Physical Computing class, really had fun!

img_0940 img_0939

Yellow & green all light up!
Yellow & green all light up!

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