Observation of Bobst Library’s Checkout Machine

Self-checkout machine in NYU Bobst Library


NYU Bobst library provides self checkout service for students to borrow books and login their ID info, so the target audience is aged from 18 to 30 and they are all well-educated. I observed people’s reactions for one hour while 9 people used self-checkout machine.

7 are return users, who only took less than 1 minute to finish the whole process. Only two are new users. One of them made a mistake when she was trying to scan her NYU ID card.

The mistake behavior is like this:


It should be used like this:


When I saw the instruction on the screen, I guess that this mistake may be owing to the wrong position of the barcode on the instruction panel, so people may take it for granted that they should scan the top of the bar.


Besides this problem, the whole process is very simple and easy to follow even for the new users.

I appreciate the scanning part in this self-checkout machine. I used some other self-checkout machine before. The most difficult part is to match the barcode to the scanner for I cannot see the barcode when I am doing that. This behavior is that this:

self-checkout-solutions-the-smaller-retailer-thumb-903 vegscanner

In NYU library’s self-checkout machine, people can easily locate the barcode and match it with the scanner through red light.


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