Electronic Rituals: Become A Buddhist In The Internet Era

Collaborated project with Lucie Chen.

Website link: https://hereisjade.github.io/Detourning-the-web-hw/im_a_buddhist_v1/

According to Buddhist sutras, there are ten thousands of Buddhas in the world, which implys “infinity”. The information accessible on the Internet also brings us the feeling of “infinity”. 

“How to be a Buddhist in the internet era” combines these two “infinity” in an ironic way. Buddhists nowadays no longer spend hours or even days to worship every Buddha statues separately. And there’s a Chinese proverb called, “One never goes to the temple for nothing.” which is the satire of utilitarianism.

Inspired by Nam June Park’s video installation TV Buddha (1974), I made a simple website for “buddhists”. The worshippers don’t need to come to temples now. Just open this website, and they could worship more than ten thousands of Buddhas in one minute and make wishes.

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