Have you ever noticed that you start singing a song sometimes and the lyrics are directly reflected upon your life and what you’re going through at the moment? That’s the way in which songs will interact with you as a means of providing messages from your spirits or whoever you interpret as “God”, but the songs are carrying the message that you need to hear that correlates with or directly applies to your life. That is what I am calling Songomancy.

Also, there’s a psychology study many years ago where they found that when a person was thinking something that they were afraid to say out loud, they would inadvertently start singing a song related with the message of what they were thinking. Basically your subconscious will find ways to communicate things that you otherwise wouldn’t and similarly when you’re dealing with stuff in your life and you will sing songs that directly relate to the situation you’re dealing with and will generally give a message to you.

So I created a simple website that lets user to input the name of the song they are listening recently, and then generates an “authentic life advice” towards their current situation. I am using IBM’s tone analyzer that uses linguistic analysis to detect and interpret emotions, social tendencies, and language style cues found in text. After receiving the names of the song and artist, the program scrapes the lyrics of that song and then generates a set of texts based on the analysis of its emotions.

Code here:


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