Final Proposal: Moving Wallpaper

Team Member:

Jade Lin & Lucie Chen


Based on the novella The Yellow Wallpaper (1892) by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, we’d like to recreate the peak of the story where the woman’s psychological breakdown represents the epitome of madness.

I want to build a moving wallpaper to reflect the insanity portrayed in the short story. Following the birth of her child the narrator tells her story and reveals her postpartum depression. As she is kept indoors, in a bedroom with ugly, old, yellow wallpaper, by her husband, a physician, who believes she needs plenty of rest to heal, this woman slowly loses her mind: she becomes obsessed with figuring out the patterns in the wallpaper and slowly comes to believe it is moving. She starts to see a woman trapped inside, trying to escape, and eventually she tears it down to free her.

The Yellow Wallpaper Illustration

Dance performance involved with three dancers. For the final show in Tisch Dance Theater, we are using both wall and floor projection, but for the final project I might just use wall projection.

Rules of Interaction:
Space setup

1. Use voronoi and genetic algorithm to form human blob dynamically, which provides a mirroring but blurred portrait.

2. Track users’ hands and foot to draw some particle effects.

3. Use grid system, track the user’s head, hands, foot to show that the user is trapped in the wallpaper.

4. Track user’s contours, and the background is dynamic letters/texts cloud.

Code Examples:



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