Final Project: The Red Rope

тнe red-тнread мay ѕтreтcн or тangle, вυт wιll never вreaĸ.

It’s a Japanese and a Chinese legend, and according to its legend, God of old lunar matchmaker, also nemed YueLao, ties an invisible red string to the ankles of the two fated person. The two people connected to the red thread are destined to be together, regardless of time and space.

People go to YueLao’s temple pray for love and then get a red thread, tie it on ankles. People believe this red thread will lead them to meet their true love. But does it really works? Who knows! Does this true love, the only one and perfect one for you, exist in this world? We don’t know!

So in our project– RED THREAD, we don’t have the magic power to connect you with your true love. BUT, at least, we could find another person connect with you, regardless of space. Every time you play with RED THREAD, we will randomly connect you with another player in the world. You two could feel the connection by moving fingers to interact with red thread. One side of this red thread connect with your finger while the other side seems so far far away from you. When you move your finger, you can pass the wave through this red thread…You have no idea what’s on the other side until you feel the waves pass back.

After 30 seconds, the red thread disappear and the page turns out to be a canvas that you two could draw and write on it.  What will you say? What will it lead to? A relationship? Depend on you!

At the end, we feel our project is similar to “Journey”.

A game we love.

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