Blippar Doge Demo

Blippar doge demo from mostlyHarmless on Vimeo.

I am a huge fan of doge, so this week I’d like to bring my favorite meme to life.

At first, I created an animation using Processing and exported it as GIF. However, I found it no way to show any gif on Blippar (it only shows a blank white image). So I have to change another plan and save some frames of my processing sketch.

GIF created through Processing

I removed the black background of the images and turned them into transparent using photoshop for better AR experience.I tried to make a stop-motion animation using these images, unfortunately, I didn’t find a way to arrange the time for showing up of different images. So I had to change the original idea and make separate scenes for my story.

Scene #1
Scene #2
Scene #3

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