Ideas for BAM Teknopolis

  • Left or Right?

#Projection #interactive #machineLearning #kinect/Max #2Dspace

Inspired by the quote on the wall of the staircase at Tisch Building: All human beings move, closer to machines. The appearance of human figures gets shifted or changed based on their relative location to the camera. One example of the visual representation is written below:

if (stay in the middle){
    show exactly what they look like; 
else if (move to the right){
    gradually turns to a cyborg;
else if (move to the left){
    gradually turns to a hmmmm monkey;
  • Never move forward

#VR #CAVE #immersive #3Dspace

Create an immersive space (either in a cave automatic virtual environment or wearing VR headsets) where people can only move backward.


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