Two Materials


This time I made a flower arrangement using wood, coil and wool. The vase is made of wood, inside the hole lies several coils that are winding like stems, and on top of some coils there are blue wool flowers.

img_1414 img_1420





I used the drill press to make a wooden wheel and drilled a big hole in the center, then I used the sanded the top non-horizontally, but created a tilt surface.









I found it hard to fold two wires and made the connection, so I soldered them together. I twisted the coil to make it stable and look like a stem.

img_1418 img_1417





img_1416 img_1426



Motor Mounting

This week I made a fan for unfolding my business card. The inspiration comes from an old Chinese saying that the heaven is round and the ground is square. So I fold the card into a square shape, and by using the motor it would gradually open up and turn to a circle card.

The sketch for the motor mounting and the box

I designed two versions of business cards using laser cutting and etching.

Circle business cards

To mount the DC motor and fit it well into the bamboo box, I made a wooden motor holder by drilling a big hole in the center, and tow small holes for wires to stretch out. After that, I used some foam board to fix the positions of components in the box, so that the motor would remain stable once it is spinning.

Soldering the wires to the swtich
Motor holder
Measuring the DC motor
Drilling holes

img_1400 img_1402


















Then I laser cut a black card board to work as the cover of the box, and attached a gear on top of the motor, and glued my card to the gear.

img_1404 img_1405





Finally, the fan of the business card is made like this:

fullsizerender-8 fullsizerender-7fullsizerender-9