Final Draft: How To Become A Buddhist

How To Become A Buddhist (In The Internet Era)

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According to Buddhist sutras, there are ten thousands of Buddhas in the world, which implys “infinity”. The information accessible on the Internet also brings us the feeling of “infinity”.  Continue reading “Final Draft: How To Become A Buddhist”

Fluxus Artist: Shigeko Kubota

Shigeko Kubota, a Japanese-born artist who worked in sculpture, video and installation and was married to Nam June Paik (1932–2006), died in New York on July 23. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in sculpture from Tokyo University, Shigeko Kubota moved to the United States where she studied at New York University and the New School for Social Research in the mid ’60s. Kubota encountered video through her involvement with the New York-based Fluxus Movement, which included Nam June Paik, Allison Knowles, Allan Kaprow, and George Maciunas. Continue reading “Fluxus Artist: Shigeko Kubota”

Surrealism and chance in “The Rape”, 1935 by Rene Magritte

Rape (Le Viol), 1935 by Rene Magritte

Rene Magritte was a surrealist artist from Belgium, whose work was well known for its thought-provoking and witty nature. He challenged his audience’s perception of reality. The Rape was painted in 1935 and is considered highly controversial.  Continue reading “Surrealism and chance in “The Rape”, 1935 by Rene Magritte”