Final Project: The Red Rope

тнe red-тнread мay ѕтreтcн or тangle, вυт wιll never вreaĸ.

It’s a Japanese and a Chinese legend, and according to its legend, God of old lunar matchmaker, also nemed YueLao, ties an invisible red string to the ankles of the two fated person. The two people connected to the red thread are destined to be together, regardless of time and space. Continue reading “Final Project: The Red Rope”


Have you ever noticed that you start singing a song sometimes and the lyrics are directly reflected upon your life and what you’re going through at the moment? That’s the way in which songs will interact with you as a means of providing messages from your spirits or whoever you interpret as “God”, but the songs are carrying the message that you need to hear that correlates with or directly applies to your life. That is what I am calling Songomancy.

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Inventing Oracle Deck: Ask And Test

This week, I was inspired by Kate Crawford’s article “Asking The Oracle” about the intentions of the supplicant and the outcomes from Delphi, that also draws an analogy to the searching queries and Snowden’s database:

Over time, I’ve come to think of it as a contemporary experience of the Delphic Oracle: you ask something and receive cryptic information that may offer you some answers, but only by raising more questions.

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Electronic Rituals: Become A Buddhist In The Internet Era

Collaborated project with Lucie Chen.

Website link:

According to Buddhist sutras, there are ten thousands of Buddhas in the world, which implys “infinity”. The information accessible on the Internet also brings us the feeling of “infinity”.  Continue reading “Electronic Rituals: Become A Buddhist In The Internet Era”