Observation of Bobst Library’s Checkout Machine

Self-checkout machine in NYU Bobst Library


NYU Bobst library provides self checkout service for students to borrow books and login their ID info, so the target audience is aged from 18 to 30 and they are all well-educated. I observed people’s reactions for one hour while 9 people used self-checkout machine. Continue reading “Observation of Bobst Library’s Checkout Machine”

LOVE Machine


Thermistors are variable resistors that change their resistance with temperature. So I used a thermistor and 8 LEDs to create a LOVE machine. The user can put his hand on the thermistor to test the temperature and the heat of his love, as a result, the LEDs might light up (starting from the upper left one, each LED lights up counter-clockwise) depending on the heat. Continue reading “LOVE Machine”