Week 1 Thoughts on Readings

After reading The Ecstasy of Influence, I started to question myself: as a designer, how do we distinguish between inspiration and plagiarism? Inspiration often comes from observation and reflection; the forms will be considered as the reference, which is rare for designers to create a unique one. But form as a supportive part of the creation structure, if there is no thinking of one’s own, then form can support no views, and that’s my definition of plagiarism.

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Week 1 Audio walk in Central Park

I have only walked past a small corner of Central Park when I was on the way to the Met, so I decided to take this “Her Long Black Hair” audio walk yesterday as my official first visit to Central Park.

After the earphones had been plugged in, I was amazed by loud traffic mixing with the sound of horses and riders. The transition from the street noises to the quiet footsteps of Janet Cardiff drew my attention to the entrance of the south of the park, preparing for an unknown journey with her soft voices accompanied.

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